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It took a long time to find my voice.  You can, too.

Thank you to Kenley Cordray - an amazing young woman and even better friend - for producing the short film, Stronger than the Silence, chosen as a finalist at the Carthage Short Film Festival. 

     Only 310 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police.


     That means more than 2 out of 3 go unreported.



Kalyx Aikin


Trista Aikin



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Note: You can share anonymously, if you like, but your story will help others learn that it's okay to share theirs, too!

Stronger than the Silence:

Advocacy and Education
for Sexual Assault Awareness

Stronger than the Silence came to fruition from immense pain as Kalyx Aikin (formerly Cantu) found her voice and used it to help put the man that abused her and other young girls in prison for the rest of his life. She knew that she couldn't stop there.

STTS seeks to empower survivors of sexual assault to find their own voices and to be a voice for others until they've found theirs.

We also seek to:

  • teach parents and others who work with children to recognize the signs of sexual abuse in children.

  • teach people to recognize the signs that someone could be a potential predator.

  • teach children in an appropriate way that they have control over who touches their bodies and that safe adults don't ask children to keep secrets.

  • teach people of all ages to identify a healthy vs. an unhealthy relationship.

  • bring comprehensive sex education (including identifying unhealthy relationships) into schools.

  • advocate for victims of sexual assault and direct them to needed resources.

  • start a scholarship to be given each year to a victim of sexual assault.

What We Do

How Can You Help?

Stronger than the Silence is always looking for opportunities to get involved.

Invite Us To Speak or Read to/at:

Church Groups/Classes


City Council Meetings

Parent Groups

Day Care Classes

Groups of Teachers

Middle School and High School Students

Pre-K through Elementary Students

Girl/Boy Scout Troops or Troop Leaders

Youth Sports Teams


Community Events

Children's Venues, Libraries, and Theatres



Whether in-kind gifts, monetary donations, or gift cards, we need your help to support our mission! 

  • Legal Services (We'd like to become a 501(c)3

  • Gift cards to Office Depot (we use these to print educational materials that we distribute and use in presentations in schools)

  • Gift cards for fuel

  • Donations for a scholarship program we'd like to start for sexual assault survivors

  • Time - We are looking for board members to serve once we become a 501(c)3 (and once Kalyx leaves for college will need additional volunteers to keep STTS going strong in our area)


Kalyx will be taking The What If Project (and along with it, Stronger Than the Silence) to the Miss Texas stage in June 2023. The winner of this competition will promote their service initiative across the great state of Texas and compete at Miss America's Teen later in 2023. 

  • Sponsor competition fees

  • Sponsor travel costs

  • Sponsor travel accommodations

  • Help fund a "Stronger Than the Silence" ad page in the competition book by donating below. *Please indidate that you'd like your donation to go toward advertising. (Total cost of a full page: Color ads are $750; Black and white ads are $350) Last year's STTS ad is pictured below. 

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